Welcome to Holmes Dental, your trusted source for comprehensive dental care. We understand that a restrictive frenulum can impact your oral function and overall well-being. In this section, we will explore the topic of frenectomy and how it can help restore comfort and oral function. Our skilled dental team specializes in frenectomy procedures and is committed to providing personalized care to address your specific needs. Let us guide you through the process and help you achieve optimal oral health and well-being.

Understanding Frenectomy

A frenectomy is a dental procedure that involves the removal or modification of a frenulum, a small fold of tissue in the mouth that connects the lips, cheeks, or tongue to the surrounding structures. There are different types of frenectomy procedures, including labial frenectomy and lingual frenectomy. These procedures are crucial in improving oral function, speech, and overall comfort.

Signs and Symptoms That May Indicate the Need for Frenectomy

Common signs and symptoms that may necessitate a frenectomy include limited movement or restriction of the tongue, causing difficulties with speech, swallowing, or breastfeeding in infants. Gaps between the upper front teeth may also be caused by an excessively large or tight labial frenulum. Additionally, a tight or low-attached frenulum can lead to gum recession or spacing issues. Challenges with denture stability or discomfort may also arise from a prominent frenulum.

Frenectomy Procedure

During your initial evaluation, our dental team will assess your oral health and determine if a frenectomy is necessary. To ensure your comfort during the procedure, we will use local anesthesia to numb the area. The frenulum will then be carefully and precisely removed or modified using a scalpel, laser, or other specialized tools. We will provide you with instructions for post-operative care, including proper oral hygiene practices and any necessary dietary restrictions.

Benefits of Frenectomy

Undergoing a frenectomy offers several advantages. It improves oral function by enhancing tongue movement, facilitating better speech, swallowing, and breastfeeding in infants. Frenectomy also provides orthodontic benefits by addressing issues like gaps or spacing caused by a tight frenulum, leading to improved orthodontic outcomes. 

Additionally, removing or modifying a restrictive frenulum alleviates discomfort and reduces the risk of gum recession or denture-related problems. Frenectomy can also contribute to a more natural smile by eliminating gaps or tension caused by a prominent frenulum.

Post-Treatment Care

Proper post-treatment care is essential for optimal healing and outcomes. Maintaining proper oral hygiene through regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a prescribed mouthwash is crucial for a healthy recovery. We will schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress and ensure that the healing process is proceeding as expected.

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