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Welcome to Holmes Dental, your trusted provider of athletic mouthguards in Fort Collins, CO for the entire family. We understand the importance of protecting your teeth during sports and physical activities. Our experienced team is committed to providing high-quality athletic mouthguards to help keep your smiles safe on and off the field.

The Importance of Athletic Mouthguards

Athletic mouthguards serve several important functions, including:

  • Protecting Teeth from Dental Injuries: When engaging in sports or physical activities, mouthguards act as a cushion, absorbing and distributing the impact of blows or falls to the face. This significantly reduces the risk of tooth fractures, dislocations, and other dental injuries.
  • Safeguarding Soft Tissues: In addition to teeth, mouthguards also protect the lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw. By providing a barrier between the teeth and the surrounding tissues, mouthguards help prevent cuts, bruises, and other soft tissue injuries.
  • Preserving Orthodontic Work: For individuals with braces or other orthodontic appliances, mouthguards are essential for protecting the teeth and the investment made in orthodontic treatment. Mouthguards prevent damage to brackets, wires, and other orthodontic components during physical activities.

Types of Athletic Mouthguards

There are several different kinds of mouthguards you can choose from, including:

  • Stock Mouthguards: Stock mouthguards are pre-made, ready-to-wear options available at sporting goods stores. While they are inexpensive, they offer limited customization and may not provide the best fit or comfort.
  • Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards: Boil-and-bite mouthguards are made from thermoplastic material. By softening the mouthguard in boiling water and then molding it to fit the individual’s teeth and bite, a better level of customization and fit can be achieved.
  • Custom-Fitted Mouthguards: At Holmes Dental, we offer custom-fitted mouthguards that are professionally made to fit the unique contours of an individual’s teeth and bite. Through the use of high-quality materials and advanced techniques, these mouthguards provide optimal comfort, protection, and fit.

The Custom-Fitting Process

We use a simple, straightforward fitting process to get you the mouthguard you need. You can expect:

  • Initial Consultation: Schedule a consultation at Holmes Dental for a professional assessment and measurement. During this appointment, our dental team will evaluate your specific needs and discuss the best mouthguard options for you.
  • Impression Taking: To ensure an accurate fit, impressions of your teeth will be taken using dental putty. These impressions serve as the basis for creating a custom-fitted mouthguard that conforms precisely to your dental anatomy.
  • Custom Fabrication: Using the impressions, our skilled technicians will fabricate your personalized mouthguard using high-quality materials. This ensures durability, functionality, and a comfortable fit that offers optimal protection during sports activities.
  • Fitting and Adjustments: Once your mouthguard is ready, we will schedule a fitting appointment. During this visit, we will test the mouthguard for fit and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it sits securely and comfortably in your mouth.

Caring for Athletic Mouthguards

Caring for your mouthguard is an important part of making sure it does its job and lasts for the season to come.

  • Cleaning: After each use, rinse your mouthguard with cold water or use a non-alcoholic mouthwash to remove any debris. Regularly clean the mouthguard with mild soap and water to maintain its hygiene.
  • Storage: Store your mouthguard in a protective case that allows for proper airflow. This helps prevent damage and keeps it clean and safe from contamination.
  • Regular Inspection: Inspect your mouthguard regularly for signs of wear, damage, or an ill fit. If you notice any cracks, tears, or a significant change in fit, it’s time to replace your mouthguard. Regular check-ups at Holmes Dental will ensure that your mouthguard remains in optimal condition.

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At Holmes Dental, we prioritize the safety and dental health of our patients. Our custom-fitted athletic mouthguards provide the highest level of protection, comfort, and fit. Don’t compromise your smile’s well-being during sports and physical activities. 

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