The outer layer on your teeth is a thin layer of protection known as the tooth enamel. However, as stout as it is, it can be damaged. When your enamel is eaten away slowly over time due to harmful acids and plaque buildup, it’s referred to as dental erosion. To limit tooth decay and cavities, use dental erosion treatments and prevention.

Create an improved oral health identity with dental erosion treatments. If your oral health care requires dental erosion treatments, remember the following:

– To enhance your oral health, use products that can increase your saliva production after meals, including sugarless chewing gum.

– Try to eat healthy snacks and never eat or drink products with an extremely low pH level. If you must eat acidic foods, be sure to eat them during a large meal with other foods.

– Focus on making sure saliva is readily being produced in your mouth to avoid the effects of dry mouth.

-To limit damage to your teeth after eating, never uses brushes and toothpaste, as this could cause abrasion damage due to heightened tooth sensitivity. Instead, try using an alternative mouth cleaning tool such as mouthwash or chewing gum.

If you are looking to restore your tooth enamel, or enhance your smile further, contact Dr. Nicole Holmes and our team at Holmes Dental. We can be reached by calling us at 970-221-2499 to book a reservation to see us at our office in Fort Collins, Colorado. Contact us for a brighter and whiter smile today!

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