Dental bridges can boost your smile this holiday season. Don’t let the holidays go by without considering upgrading your smile for a healthier you. A visit with our team at Holmes Family Dental could turn around your oral health and prepare you for a more confident new year with a restored smile. If you are missing teeth, we are pleased to offer dental bridge restoration that is sure to make you smile.

Listed below are some of the benefits of dental bridge replacements:

– Dental bridges improve aesthetics and grant a cleaner, nicer look than missing or broken teeth.

– Dental bridges can prevent healthy teeth next to the missing teeth from either moving or drifting.

– Dental bridges make eating easier than with missing teeth. Many patients have also said that bridges are also much better for eating compared to eating with removable partial dentures.

– Dental bridges help retain bite stability and strengthen your jawline.

– Dental bridges can improve speech and provide greater self-esteem for smiling and speaking than with missing teeth.

Our team at Holmes Family Dental is here to satisfy all your oral health care needs. If you need a dental bridge, and you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dan Holmes or Dr. Nicole Holmes, we invite you to call us at 970-221-2499 in Fort Collins, Colorado today. We look forward to restoring your healthy, confident smile!

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