Do you remember the fluoride program required in elementary? Instructions would be read by a supervisor and promptly followed. If not, the rinse program was probably not in effect yet. This was to ensure students were getting their dose of fluoride to protect their teeth.

Fluoride is a preventative measure, making teeth more resistant to tooth decay, strengthening tooth enamel, and giving you a great smile. Other ways of administration include very small amounts of fluoride in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

The use of fluoride dental products provides a protective layer on the surface of teeth. Fluoride ingested from food and beverages combined with saliva helps rebuild tooth enamel, and fluoride added to local water systems is a natural and safe additive helping to prevent tooth decay.

Another preventative measure is fluoride in toothpastes that need to be used by brushing twice a day. Mouthwashes are another purpose. Do not use mouthwash after brushing as it will hinder the benefits of toothpaste.

In your two visits to your dentist every year, they may also apply a higher level of fluoride in the form of a varnish (painted on the teeth), foams (put in a mouth guard and applied for a few minutes), or gels (painted or applied in a mouth guard). Find your best option by discussing it with your dentist.

Here at Holmes Dental we strive to provide the best dental care for you and your smile. Fluoride is essential as a preventative measure against tooth decay, so contact us at 970-221-2499 here in Fort Collins, Colorado to schedule a consultation or appointment.

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