Getting a cavity is no fun. But do you know how cavities form? If you know how cavities form in the first place, you can better stop them from happening to you.

Cavities form because of acidic erosion. The acids that erode your tooth enamel come both because of bacteria which live in your mouth, and the foods and drinks you consume.

There are many varieties of bacteria that live in your mouth. These bacteria feed on the sugars present in your mouth from food particles. The bacteria in your mouth create a sticky film called “plaque.” The bacteria produce an acidic byproduct that coats the tooth and begins eroding the enamel. As this continues untreated, eventually a cavity forms. This hole in the enamel can expose the inner layers of the tooth. Unfortunately, that is where is stored the nerve endings and other soft tissues necessary for the tooth to stay alive. As those inner tissues are exposed to infection, tooth failure can easily result.

Acids do not only come as a byproduct of bacteria. The foods you consume and the drinks you drink can also contribute to cavity formation. Eating such things as sticky, acidic candy is particularly damaging to teeth, as the acids and sugars both stay on the teeth. The sugars feed the bacteria and the acids help the bacteria erode the teeth directly. Avoid acidic drinks like wine, energy drinks and sports drinks as often as possible.

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