Do you often go months and months, even years, without seeing a dentist? Do you only visit when you know you have a dental problem? If so, your smile could be at a heightened risk of suffering from undiagnosed dental problems. The ADA recommend that you schedule dental checkups every six months to protect your oral health. Dental checkups are the most effective way to detect any undiagnosed dental issues before they cause significant damage to your mouth.

One of the most dangerous conditions that we look for during a dental checkup is oral cancer, which requires early diagnosis for successful treatment and can be identified by oral abnormalities such as discolored lumps that develop in the mouth. Our highly trained dental team can also screen for signs of gum disease, which can be hard to detect at home.

The most common oral health condition that we see at a dental checkup is tooth decay, which needs to be addressed before it causes additional dental problems, including the eventual loss of the tooth. Regular dental appointments allow us to detect tooth decay early and conservative dental treatment such as a dental filling and fluoride treatment.

You don’t have to wait for your next dental checkup to receive treatment if you are suffering from signs of a dental problem. Contact Holmes Dental at 970-221-2499 today to schedule a visit with Drs. Dan and Nicole Holmes if you are in need of dental care in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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