Your tooth enamel has microscopic pores that small dark particles can sometimes adhere to. As time passes these stains can penetrate deeper and deeper into the tooth enamel. The depth of the stains will determine the best method to whiten the smile.

It’s wise to consult with Drs. Dan and Nicole Holmes before starting any whitening program. The extensive training and experience they have can help you find the safest most effective method for whitening your smile in the shortest amount of time.

Brushing your teeth twice a day with a brand of whitening toothpaste is a popular way to reduce minor stains on the teeth in your smile. Just keep in mind that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide whitening agents in toothpaste can never be strong enough to whiten moderate or deeply stained teeth.

Applying whitening strips to your teeth is a convenient way to whiten your smile while you go about your day. Just like whitening toothpaste, the whitening strips are only strong enough to remove minor surface stains.

Whitening gels use stronger concentrations of whitening agents than whitening toothpaste or strips. These gels are usually potent enough to brighten moderately stained teeth, but still lack the ability to whiten deeply stained teeth.

To brighten deeply stained teeth Dr. Dan Holmes and Dr. Nicole Holmes can administer a professional dental bleaching treatment. This is the safest, most effective way to whiten the teeth in your smile.

If your smile has dulled over time, you should call Holmes Family dental in Fort Collins, Colorado, at 970-221-2499 to explore your whitening options.

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