Twenty years in the past, when a patient lost a tooth, the only option to restore the gap was to place a dental bridge, and while dental bridges are very effective, many patients reported that their bridge simply didn’t feel like a real tooth. Over time, though, oral and dental technology advanced, and dental implants are considered by many dental professionals to be the best and most natural method of replacing a missing tooth.

There are a few steps required to place an implant. First, our dentist will need to examine the area, including the jaw structure in order to assess whether your mouth has sufficient jaw structure to support a dental implant. Otherwise, we may need to arrange for you to have a bone graft procedure prior to the implant procedure.

To place the implant, we form a narrow channel to your jaw bone and secure a titanium implant into the channel so that it attaches to the bone. We use titanium due to it being biologically safe and being able to bond with your natural bone–a process called osseointegration.

Following the healing of your gums and the titanium implant’s fusion with the surrounding bone tissues, we can then place a custom-made dental crown to fully restore the missing tooth and help you regain proper function in your mouth.

If you have lost a tooth and are interested in receiving a dental implant in Fort Collins, Colorado, you should contact Holmes Dental at 970-221-2499 today for a consultation with one of our dentists, Dr. Dan Holmes and Dr. Nicole Holmes.

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