Invisalign is just what the name implies: it’s a practically invisible means for aligning your smile. This system uses advanced 3D computer imaging technology to demonstrate your entire treatment plan from beginning to end.

Each aligner is designed to fit your bite and gradually reallocate your teeth. These amazing aligners are created from a strong medical grade thermoplastic material exclusively developed for Invisalign. The plastic is so thin and clear that it will be hard for others to discern that you are wearing anything on your teeth. You will likely also not notice a difference in your speech patterns.

Invisalign has no food restrictions. That’s because the aligners are detachable. This removability feature also allows for an easier and deeper oral hygiene routine. While you eat or brush and floss your teeth, take the aligner out and put it in the case we provided. You may want to rinse it or clean it before you put it back into your mouth.

Every six to eight weeks, you will be given three new aligners. You will exchange one aligner for another every two weeks. Invisalign aligners are unique in that they not only can control the amount of movement but also the timing of it, allowing for greater effectiveness. The length of your treatment depends on the complexity of your malocclusion. Ask Dr. Nicole Holmes or Dan Holmes for greater particulars.

If you have any queries or would like to book an Invisalign consultation, you can phone Holmes Dental in Fort Collins, Colorado, at 970-221-2499. Let us share this amazing new technology to perfect your smile and amplify the quality of your life.

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