An abscess is a pocket full of pus that forms at a tooth root’s tip as a result of infection that develops in the soft, pulp tissues of the tooth. The abscess can create a lot of damage to your health as it causes problems like pain, swelling, fever, etc. If you have an abscess, then our dentist can treat it with one of the following procedures:

Root Canal Treatment

This is the ideal treatment option because it allows you to keep your tooth afterwards. We begin this procedure by numbing your mouth and creating an opening in your tooth. Our dentist then removes the soft, pulp tissues. We will drain the abscess and clean the area. The inner part of the tooth is filled with medicated material, and then we encase the tooth with a dental crown. You may receive antibiotic treatment afterwards to heal your mouth of the infection.

Tooth Extraction

We will only perform this procedure if the tooth has been so damaged that it is not worth saving. After removing the tooth from your mouth, our dentist will drain the abscess and clean the area. Antibiotics may also be part of this treatment plan in order to ensure that you no longer suffer from infection. Once your mouth heals, we offer several dental restorations to replace the missing tooth.

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