Are you familiar with the benefits of dental bonding and how it can positively affect your oral health? Dental bonding is a form of cosmetic dentistry treatment that is designed to provide additional oral health care for your along with improving the aesthetics of your smile. With dental bonding treatments, various materials including those fashioned from resin or porcelain, are directly applied to the surface of a tooth.

When dental bonds are applied to the surface of a tooth, it can help restore the tooth to its natural function. Bonds can be used to repair chips and cracks that may be present, as well as cover up stains and discolorations that may have occurred. They can even be used to help elongate teeth or change the shape of teeth completely. In many situations, dental bonds are used to help alter your smile. Furthermore, they can blend in seamlessly once again with your overall smile. Dental bonds are often helpful for repairing decayed teeth and can be used in situations where gum recession had taken place. Due to the durability of a dental bond, a tooth can be kept safe for up to ten years before a replacement may be required.

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