What is a dental filling?To restore a decayed tooth back to its natural shape and strength, we may recommend a dental filling. A dental filling is used to restore the shape and function of a tooth after the decayed tooth structure has been removed.

Do I need a dental filling?When you come into our office, Drs. Holmes and Holmes can detect any tooth decay that needs to be treated with a dental filling. A small mirror will be used to examine the surfaces of each tooth. If anything looks abnormal, it will be inspected more closely. Dental X-rays may also be used.

How is a dental filling placed?First, the area will be numbed to ensure comfort during the procedure. Decay will be removed from the tooth and the area will be thoroughly cleaned. The area will be examined to make sure that all decay and debris has been removed. Then the dental filling will be placed. A composite filling is placed in layers. Each layer will be cured as it is placed. The final filling is shaped and polished.

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