Dark beverages and tobacco use can introduce tiny dark particles and residue to your mouth. If they are not removed in a reasonable amount of time they can start to accumulate on the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel. Over time developing dental stains can leave you with teeth shaded in embarrassing tones of yellow and gray.

Most individuals dealing with a case of significant dental stains find that retail tooth whitening products are ineffective at restoring their white smile. Rather than risk harming your teeth and gums with overuse of these items, you should consider scheduling a dental bleaching treatment with a dentist like Dr. Dan Holmes or Dr. Nicole Holmes.

The professional tools, techniques and potent whitening agents they use represent the safest and most effective method for removing dental stains from tooth enamel. Once your white smile has been fully restored you should take some basic measures to maintain the appearance of your teeth.

Simple things like drinking dark beverages through a straw and abstaining from tobacco use will go a long way toward preventing future dental stains. Periodically brushing your teeth with a quality whitening toothpaste might also help remove minor dental stains that appear on your teeth in between your regular dental checkups.

Just be sure to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance on the package before using a whitening toothpaste. The logo indicates that it has been researched and tested to meet the ADA’s high standards for safety and effectiveness.

If you live in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area and you are struggling to deal with stained teeth, you should call 970-221-2499 to a dental bleaching treatment at Holmes Dental.

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